August TIE Meeting Minutes

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TIE Meeting

August 14, 2012

President Laura Snodgrass brought the meeting to order at 7:01pm. In attendance were Karen Gruber, Laura Snodgrass—President, Jill Heintz—Vice President, Amanda Lenke—Treasurer, Shanna Strouse—Secretary, Sheri Smith and Heather Dewitz—Guests.

The Back-To-School Picnic was discussed and plans were finalized. Hotdogs (condiments) and Freezer Pops will be provided. It will be picnic style so families will have to bring their own place settings, drinks, sides, and blankets/chairs. The hotdogs will possibly come out of the Principal’s Fund. Jill will be working on Team Building activities/games. Shanna will chair the picnic. Shanna will get flyers typed and email them to Mrs. Gruber to send home with the Kindergarten notes and also to be sent home with students. There will also be reminder flyers at the TIE table at Open House. Families will hopefully RSVP by September 5th.

Treasurer’s Report—there is nothing yet to report due to getting books/funds from the other Parent Organizations transferred to the TIE account. Jill and Amanda will go to the National Bank of Ohio to get the PIC funds and information changed over to TIE. PIC and PIE will also contact Jeff Dornbusch to see if he would possibly take the time to audit both sets of books.

Budget Review—

• Child Care—Karen will email the aides with dates and times to see if they are able to help with the child care.

• Shirt orders—Sheri Smith will contact Rocket Shop, Benchmark, and Fremont athletic to get prices a.s.a.p. We are estimating about 450 students and 66 staff. Possible information on the shirts would be: RC Waters, Rocket, TIE, etc. We will prepare an order forms with students names, teachers, and sizes. Sheri will finalize.

• Movie Night—“Super Pops” to pop popcorn and sweep floors. We are hoping to get more father/male involvement. Doors will open at 6:15 and movie will start at 6:30. Jill will handle the popcorn.

• Ice Cream Social—“Super Scoopers” again with the thoughts of Dads, uncles, grandfathers helping. We will have to set up volunteers to scoop the ice cream after school to make sure it is ready. The event will go from 6-7pm.

• Santa Shop—December 14th. Jill will email Nadine Scott about volunteers from DECA. Laura will touch base with Valerie Winterfield to see what needs to be done to set up the venders.

• Teacher Incentives—Karen found information that suggested that parent groups should have the principal in charge of Teacher Incentives. This will eliminate any confusion, hassle, or deadlines. We estimate 36 teachers at $5o each which totals $1,800. We will round up to $2,000 to be on the safe side. We will cut Karen Gruber with a check for the principal’s fund in the amount of $2,000 for Teacher Incentives.

• Supplies—we will need to order new checks for the name change. Also, we have a case of printer/copier paper waiting to be used.

• Discretionary Funds—

o We will look into purchasing a vinyl banner for our welcome table. We would like to use this table at any and all functions TIE will be seen at. Ideas can include: puzzle pieces (?), the words community-family-students-staff, Coming Together, TIE, etc. We would like a 6 foot banner with a white background and red and green lettering.

o We would also like to find a white board to put outside for parents to see when dropping off or picking up students. This will have any upcoming events such as meetings, picnics, Box Tops, etc.

• Celebrity Parties—

o Back to School Picnic (9/8) will be at 11am (see above).

o Family Math Night (11/29), Dr. Seuss Storytelling Night (3/7) and Family Fitness Night (1/29) will all start at 6:30pm. There is a question on whether or not to have snacks and drinks.

o Talent Show will be held during school on the last day of classes.

o Dr. Seuss Night—we might have to rent a Grinch Costume for Dr. Seuss Night. Possibly have the new Superintendent as the main celebrity? Ask retired staff members to do different stations.

o Family Fitness Night—Stations with punch cards and after all spots are punched they will be put into a raffle for a nice prize, possibly a bike or a scooter.

• Blood Drive—the date will be set for 10/19. We will offer child care and snacks. We are hoping the time will be set from 1-7pm

• Marco’s Pizza Night—Months are January, March, and May. Possibly the Fundraising Committee will follow up on this.


• Communication/PR—"Welcome Wagon" or info packet to new families, coordinate with community involvement or activities with the Sampler and local newspapers, relay our RC Waters activities to the community, possibly coordinate more with Kidzville-Truman newsletter. Paul Strouse has volunteered to help with this committee. They will utilize the white board to update information such as Box Top reminders, “got an hour?” snacks needed, etc.

• Social—creative people to help with one or more events this year. Party planners and 'wanna-be' party planners. Still Needed.

• Volunteer—Shanna Strouse and Sabrina Cherry will be working with the teachers and staff to see where volunteers are needed.

• Box Top/Campbell Labels—Still Needed

• Fundraising—Help organize, arrange packets to go home with students, disperse items (i.e. Rocket Shop apparel and Community Cards) to students, finalize spring fundraiser.


• Community—Incorporate Land Lab Learners (possible gardens); reading to seniors, Relay for Life Fundraisers, Caroling/decorating at Holiday time. We need our community to see how much our students care.


Fundraiser—we need to follow up on the following for next meeting:

• Community Cards—Paul, Shanna, and Sabrina will be contacting businesses.

• Spirit Wear—Sheri will contact Rocket Shop on designs and prices

• Catalog—Karen will email “Tall Tim” and see if he can come to the next meeting.

We would like to have everything in by Thanksgiving.

Volunteering Needs—Immediate!

• Crosswalk in front of the school from 7:15-8:15. This will be Monday-Friday starting by September 1st. Also in the afternoon from 2:30-3:30. If there is a 2 hour delay the hours will be from 9:15-10:15. Any and all help would be appreciated.

• Teacher workday August 23rd—volunteer to come and take pictures of the teachers and staff to send home to help families to familiarize the staff.

We are looking into creating a webpage and a Facebook page.

BCS Sampler deadline is September 17th and the RC Waters Newsletter deadline is September 10th.

The next TIE meeting will be September 11th at 6:30 pm.




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