September TIE Meeting Minutes

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Together In Education Meeting

September 11, 2012

President Laura Snodgrass called the meeting to order. Shanna Strouse—secretary and Amanda Lenke—Treasurer were also in attendance.

Laura S. made a few quick introductions of the TIE officers. She mentioned that Jill Heintz, former Vice President, had to step down due to time constraints. Laura then opened the floor to “Tall Tim” from All American Fundraising.

Tall Tim explained his fundraiser and the prizes that go are associated with it. The school will see 50% return on the sold products. Questions were asked about the biggest sellers from the catalog. Four out of Five of the biggest sellers are food products. The question of siblings was brought up. Siblings can be combined. The only prize they will duplicate is the limo ride. All other prizes will be sent home for the parents to split up. There are two options. Option A is keep forms separate (will still combine for limo ride) and get 2 sets of prizes. Option B is to combine and get 1 set of prizes that parents will divide except the limo ride. It is best to keep separate until you see how much product the children sell. There will be a three week lead time. If an item is back ordered it will be shipped out at a later date. He has the morning of October 4th open for “kick off” but then will be booked until October 19th. They will fax any order and they will catch it up to the school’s order. Online orders are welcome. Students only get prize credits if it is in by the deadline. The “kick off” presentation will last around 20 minutes or so. We can choose prepay or up front pay. It is our choice. The boxes are pre-packed for the students to make pick up easier.

Tall Tim finished his presentation and left. Discussion was made about the catalog fundraiser. It was decided that we should choose the October 4th kick off and then the products will be in on Parent Teacher Conference Night on November 15th. The Fundraising Committee will finish setting up the catalog sales.

Parent Introductions were made.

Treasurer’s Report—delayed due to audit not completed. The current bank statement is around $10,655, this is not counting money coming from Carroll PIE which is around $1900.

Secretary’s Report—No additions or corrections to the August’s minutes.

Choosing the name Together In Education (TIE) was a unanimous decision. We felt that it was more than appropriate with the merging of all the elementary schools.

Open House—the Open house went well. There were many positive remarks and we were able to start recruiting volunteers.

Back To School Picnic—The response was wonderful. We had 250 RSVP’s. Unfortunately, the weather detracted many from attending. Even with a smaller turnout than planned, the picnic was a lot of fun.

Spirit Shirts—TIE has created a Spirit Shirt for all students at RC Waters. We will be purchasing these T-shirts for the students to wear for Spirit Days as well as field trips and other school functions.

The following Committees were formed:

Volunteer/Help—Shanna Strouse Co-chair

Fundraising—Shanna Strouse Co-chair; Tammy Wisler Co-chair

Box Top/Campbell Labels—Laura Snodgrass Co-chair, Brandi Gorzelski Co-chair

Community—Brandy G Co-chair

PR/Hospitality—Tina Anderson Co-chair; Rebecca Hinkle co-chair

Social—Laura Snodgrass co-chair; Lisa Clark co-chair

A sheet was sent around asking for volunteer help to serve on each committee.

Lynden Davies has stepped in to fill the Vice President seat.

There was question on what to do with PIK’s white benches with blue stars. It was decided to move them out so the Middle School and High School students had a place to sit and wait for busses.

The Red Cross Blood Drive will be on October 19th from 1-7pm. We will need volunteers to work stations and donations of snacks. The ladies from St. John’s Lutheran Church generously donated a box of nonperishable snacks for the children’s room. We will still need more snacks.

Upcoming TIE Events:

11/8th and 11/15th—Parent Teacher Conferences. On the 8th we will buy the teachers Subway; the 15th we will be looking for donated crock pot meals.

11/29 Family Math Night

12/14 Santa Shop

1/11/13 Family Movie Night—we are hoping to have our “Super Pops“ lined up and ready to go.

1/29/13 Family Fitness Night

Fundraising—Thursday is our deadline to sign up with Tall Tim from All American. The other fundraisers to be added to the catalog are Spirit Wear and Discount Cards. The discount cards are a community card that is made up of businesses in Oak Harbor and surrounding area. We will print and laminate the cards ourselves making this a 95% profit. Sheri Smith will be the contact person for Rocket Shop Spirit Wear. Paul and Shanna Strouse will set up the Discount Cards. After much discussion on the pros and cons of having all three fundraisers together, it was brought to a parent vote. The majority of parent votes were to do all three with 17 votes.

With no further business to be discussed, Laura S. adjourned the meeting at 7:53 pm. The next TIE meeting will be held on October 9th at 6:30 pm. Child care will be provided.

Superintendent Parmigian introduced himself as well as clarified comments about how many Free and Reduced Meal students that we have. He informed us that we have around 44% of our students as Free and Reduced.

Principal Gruber introduced herself and spoke of the new 3rd grade reading guidelines.



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