Volunteer/Help Opportunities

Our current volunteering opportunities are listed below. As the school year gets moving in full swing, there will be more volunteer openings added to the list so please check back.We hope to have every family volunteer a minimum of 2 hours of their time per year. Gaining and keeping volunteers is vital to this group and RC Waters Elementary so please, if you are not comfortable with any position that you volunteer for, please tell us and we will find something different for you if you so choose. We want volunteers to have fun with whatever they are doing! If you are unable to volunteer time, we have great need for anyone who can help. There are even projects that can be done at home so don't hesitate to ask, we appreciate all of your efforts to help and encourage your involvement!

Social-Lisa Clark

  • Family Fitness Day (Feb. 1st from 1pm-3pm)
  • Dr. Seuss Night (Mar. 3rd 6-7:30pm)
  • Special Persons Day (TBA)
Volunteer-Shanna Strouse
  • Set up in-class volunteers
  • Organize "at-home" volunteers
  • Keep updated volunteer list for reference
Fundraising-Anne Libben
  • Fall Fundraiser-Abby Candle Co. Kick-off Oct. 7th
  • Spring Fundraiser-Malley's Chocolates. Kick off Mar. 18th
  • Box Top/Campbell Labels. Continuous but two major drives
  • Carnival-Jun 2nd

Community-Leslie and Shanna

  • Holiday Bureau Food Drive-Nov. 11th-22nd (tentative)
  • Santa Shop-Dec. 13th
  • Community Clean-up (TBA)
  • Land Lab (TBA)
  • Website
  • Calendar
  • Facebook
  • School Newsletter
  • Press Releases (News Herald, Beacon, etc)